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Acting Workshop

At Nonsuch Studios


Like youth theatre, but for adults!
Flex your acting muscles, develop techniques and stay ticking over.
Acting Workshop is suitable for beginners and those with stage experience who are looking to stretch themselves further. The sessions are open to anyone over the age of 18 and group sizes are limited to 12 so that everyone gets the attention they need and the support to develop at their own pace.

Exploring a range of different topics week by week, we will introduce you to a range of practitioners, styles, techniques, and exercises in which to explore and create. Our aim is to develop your talent by providing you with further utensils to expand your actor’s toolbox and develop your personal style of performance. We will make sure we’re still getting physical, getting up out of our chairs and adding some movement. We’ll be sure to include some more light-hearted acting exercises to spread a little bit of laughter, whilst still keeping a sense of real acting intent that can add fuel into the rest of our work. Curiosity and creativity are the two buzz words we’d like to keep throughout every session during this latest digital offering and we would love to see you there.


This Term: More Than One Direction
This term will focus on directing-based technique. By the end of the term, participants will have a deeper understanding of how seeing the stage from a director’s perspective can influence their acting work, and the ability to apply that knowledge into text and character.

During the first four weeks (20th Sept – 11th Oct), participants will take a director’s view to evaluate what kind of theatre they like to create and see on stage. In the second part of term, participants will work on a selection of scenes, exploring different possible interpretations through staging, objectives, actions, blocking, etc.

The class will work towards a public sharing on Tuesday 7th December, along with Nonsuch Studios’ Script Reading Group. This will be a relaxed, script-in-hand event, with performances of some of the scenes and interpretations worked on during the term, with a brief word from the director about what interested them and where they would take it if they were to do a full run of the play.

Nonsuch Studios

92 Lower Parliament Street
0115 837 1950

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