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Adult Acting Workshop

At Online


Like youth theatre, but for adults!

Though our sessions are moving back online, we will still persevere to perform through the Pandemic! Exploring a range of different topics week by week, we will introduce you to a range of practitioners, styles, techniques, and exercises in which to explore and create.


Upcoming sessions are as follows:

  • Monday 9th November 7.30-9pm Zoom
    Verbatim theatre
    A play in which all the dialogue is taken from real life interviews or recordings. Observation, listening, and people watching skills will prove a solid foundation in performing text taken from the horses (or persons) mouth.
  • Monday 16th November 7.30-9pm Zoom
    Augusto Boal and Forum Theatre
    Examining the techniques of world renown Brazilian practitioner Augusto Boal we will explore some of his exercises and experiment with Forum theatre. Taking it in turns as actors and audience members we will set scenes in the heart of a community and see if we can change the outcomes for the characters in which we create.
  • Monday 23rd November 7.30-9pm Zoom
    Grotowski and Poor Theatre
    Another practitioner who offers something very different. Grotowski gets rid of the excesses of theatre preferring an audience’s focus to be on an actor with as near complete psychological and physical connection to character as possible. A dynamic and thought-provoking method in which to develop acting technique.
  • Monday 30th November 7.30-9pm Zoom
    Approaching classical text
    “A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man thinks himself to be a fool”. Shakespeare wrote his plays to be performed rather than read and that is what we aim to do this week. Playing with the text and investigating ways in which you can tap into Shakespeare’s brilliant mind we begin to unlock his characters and delve deeper into his plays.
  • Monday 7th December 7.30-9pm Zoom
    Creating Together
    Artists can produce their best work when they have a deadline. Within the last two weeks we would like to give you the space in which to work on something within breakout rooms or individually from a stimulus or piece of text that interests you. It could be a monologue, a duologue, a piece of writing you have done, something you would like to direct, a movement piece… whatever!
    We will direct and perform in each other’s pieces and see what is created.
  • Monday 14th December 7.30-9pm Zoom
    Creating Together Sharing
    We will continue working on our shared pieces, leaving the last 30 minutes we will share our work from earlier in the session and the previous week. Highly informal, scripts still in hand and a short Q&A following each one about your vision for the piece if you were given more time.



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