All Men By Nature Desire To Know

At Bonington Gallery


We live in an era of globalisation and interconnectivity, with an ever-growing amount of information and images easily available at our fingertips.  Painting, once the dominant medium in western visual culture, is now just one in a range of contemporary art genres. It is clear painting will not return to the pre-eminent position it once had, but will any other visual medium achieve the status painting held?

All Men By Nature Desire To Know brings together a number of selected artists who see painting as a significant part of their practice. The history of painting is continuously being overlaid and re-written by artists for whom the act of painting is both an accumulative and contentious process – influences are being absorbed and rejected.

The artists within this exhibition produce work that broadens and challenges the traditional form of painting, bringing their personal histories to their practice as well as traversing what has gone before. Each painting is self-contained as well as being part of a continuum; painting practice is opening out into other spaces, creating dialogues and furthering debate.

Curated by Joshua Lockwood

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Bonington Gallery

Bonington Building
Nottingham Trent University
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