Amadeus Martin: Retro Fit

At Lord Roberts


When folks talk about 'the good old days' we know it’s all gobbledegook! Amadeus ventures back in time to review & repair what were not the good old days, just times of sugar coated badness, comparing it to the well-deserved universe of present-day PC madness.

With his ferocious dark humour Award winning comedian Amadeus Martin goes retro. Expect tales of funeral arrangements, mass destruction of relationships, why the music scene is dead, Jiu-jitsu, Blackpool rock and more.
Amadeus may occasionally be obscene, so if you’re easily offended, be sure to come along.

"Assured, adept, adding edge" Fringe Review
"Self-deprecating, one of my personal favourites" Buxton Review
Time Out Critic's Choice
"Comedy Pick" Evening Standard & GQ

The Lord Roberts

24 Broad Street
0115 948 1592

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