Anita Klein | An exhibition of paintings and original prints

At Malt Cross


Anita Klein | An exhibition & sale of paintings and original prints

Following the success of Anita Klein’s London solo exhibition earlier this year, Eames Fine Art are thrilled to launch a choice selection of paintings and original prints at the Malt Cross Gallery, Nottingham. 

For three days, the space will be filled with energising colour, immersive scale and decisive line; works that awaken the banal and ignite a love for life’s special moments.

Consolidating over 4 decades of work, this exhibition brings together a spectrum of medium; including paintings, lithographs, etchings and linocuts. It opens the door to the everyday moments of brightness and joy that she is internationally recognised.

Positive, real and uplifting, her work reminds us to stop and notice: Notice what makes us smile, the people we love and the memories that matter.

“Ravel said he wanted his music to be complex, but not complicated. Anita Klein might say the same of her art. There is a grand simplicity to her works, but that is not the same as saying they lack subtlety and ambiguity. On the contrary, they have the sort of unselfconscious directness that comes from living and breathing art for so long that it becomes second nature” - John Russell Taylor

In today’s art world, we are constantly confronted with visual stimulus, but rarely met with that which evokes such a raw, innate warming response.

The Malt Cross

16 St James's Street
0115 941 1048

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