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As We Were - new paintings by Bob Evans

At Lincolnshire Poacher


AS WE WERE is the latest collection of paintings by Nottingham artist Bob Evans.

AS WE WERE opens at noon on Sunday, November 21, upstairs at the Lincolnshire Poacher, 161-163, Mansfield Road, Nottingham, and runs until Sunday, November 28.

The exhibition coincides with his 81st birthday and takes place at the venue where Evans exhibits new work at least twice a year.

His motto is simple: “Painting first, everything else last.”

And his advice to aspiring artists is even simpler: “Get on with it, don’t talk about it.”

He came to city in 1968 to study fine art at the Nottingham College of Art and Design after six years of ‘ducking and diving’ in Southsea, Spain and Birmingham.

For the last 50 years he has exhibited and sold oil paintings, watercolours, linocuts and charcoal drawings throughout Nottinghamshire and nationally.

By his own estimate he has produced well over 1,000 paintings and continues to make between 25 and 35 a year.

His most recent commission was an oil painting to commemorate World War One, which now hangs in Hucknall Library, and recently showed work at a gallery in Donegal.

To contact Bob Evans call 07814648110.


The Lincolnshire Poacher

161 - 163 Mansfield Road
0115 941 1584

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