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Behind the Scenes of the Museum

At University of Nottingham Museum


Admission free – advance booking required
Maximum five people per 30-minute timeslot

Open Thursday-Sunday, 12noon-4pm
Closed Monday-Wednesday

The University of Nottingham Museum displays an introduction to 250,000 years of regional archaeology. One of the greatest strengths of the collection is that it reflects everyday life during this long period of time. Topics include food and drink, personal adornment, production and beliefs.

The Museum is reopening with a new exhibition that looks Behind the Scenes of the Museum. This exhibition will show how the Museum collections are cared for and the many different ways they are used. This includes conservation work, community research and work with schools.

"A good snapshot of life in the East Midlands through time."

 "Fascinating display of local archaeology."

- Visitor comments

University of Nottingham Museum

University of Nottingham Museum
Lakeside Arts

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