Brainiac Detective Academy

At Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall


UK Premiere 

They’re back with a vengeance!

Calling all Brainiacs! There has been a robbery at Brainiac HQ. Put your Brainiac Detective Badge on and help us solve the crime.

This interactive, fully immersive 70-minute hands-on workshop led by the Brainiacs provides your young detectives with an opportunity to use real forensic techniques to discover clues and help solve a mystery.  Come and become an official member of the Brainiac Academy!

Designed for children aged 6 plus, adults are welcome to stay and watch (free of charge, no booking required) or you can leave youngsters in the capable hands of the Brainiacs whilst you enjoy a coffee at one of our bars, or catch up on your shopping in town.


Sat 17 Aug - 11:30am

Sat 17 Aug 1:30pm

Sat 17 Aug - 3:30pm

Sun 18 Aug - 11:30pm

Sun 18 Aug - 1:30pm

Sun 18 Aug - 3:30pm

Wed 21 Aug - 11:30am

Wed 21 Aug - 1:30pm

Wed 21 Aug - 3:30pm

Thu 22 Aug - 11:30am

Thu 22 Aug - 1:30pm

Thu 22 Aug - 3:30pm

Fri 23 Aug - 11:30am

Fri 23 Aug - 1:30pm

Fri 23 Aug - 3:30pm

Sat 24 Aug - 11:30am

Sat 24 Aug - 1:30pm

Sat 24 Aug - 3:30pm

Sun 25 Aug - 11:30am

Sun 25 Aug - 1:30pm

Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall

Theatre Square
0115 989 5555

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