Brainiac Detective Academy

At Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall


Calling all Brainiacs! There has been a robbery at Brainiac HQ. Join the Brainiac experts on their adventure and learn real detective skills to help hunt for clues and solve the crime. Discover how to carry out forensic Crime Scene Investigation techniques and become a Brainiac super sleuth.

Test your powers of observation and deduction as you work to unlock a mystery in a series of hands-on challenges and experiments. Come and become an official member of the Brainiac Academy!

These interactive workshops are designed especially for 6-16 year olds giving them chance to collect fingerprints, analyse evidence and track down a suspect. Adults are welcome to stay and watch (free of charge) or leave youngsters in the capable hands of the Brainiacs whilst you enjoy a coffee at one of our bars, or catch up on your shopping in town.

Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall

Theatre Square
0115 989 5555

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