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Change the Equation - Women in Music

At Online


This International Women's Day we are moving our events online! Taking place on various Monday nights throughout March, our 'Change the Equation' webinar series will focus on bringing greater gender equality across multiple industries including Music, Film and Business.

Women in Music (speaker)

The music industry has seen a lot of change in recent decades, and with the pandemic this past year, innovation has again needed to be central to the survival of the industry. Today we are joined by a female leader of the music scene in Nottingham to talk about the ways in which women can succeed in an industry that necessitates flexibility and innovation.

We want to make sure these events are accessible to everyone and as such we are asking you to pay what you can afford by making a donation. Our suggested donation for all events is £10. All donations go towards Equations work to prevent and reduce domestic abuse, sexual violence and gender inequality across our community.



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