David Evans Exhibition

At Focus Gallery


Professional artist David Evans is exhibiting his wonderful array of art inspired by Sherwood Forest at Focus Gallery this month for our third solo showcase of the year.

David Evans draws stunning works of art, both figure work and portraiture as well as landscape in an abstract style. Through developing techniques such as blending with sanguine pencil or lyrically flowing brush strokes with indigo ink he brings scenes to life.

David draws inspiration from the forest, specifically the ancient oaks. He is heavily influenced by classic design such as ‘The Book of Kells’, Kirituhi tattooing or ‘The Dawn of the Floating World’. Through this his passion for drawing is given an outlet; whether it be through pencil, pen or brush his aim to capture the cumber of the bow of a tree or subtle curve of a spine always comes through.

David’s motivation is to ‘create beautiful art’ with his stand-alone pieces, by not being focused upon the meaning within his work he simply creates unique ways to view the world around him.

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Focus Gallery

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