A brand new production of the Olivier Award-winning comedy that went on to become a BAFTA-winning film sensation.

Chip shop owner George has his work cut out as head of the Khan household. Back in George’s homeland, Pakistan, a father rules the house; but in 1970s Salford, as Britain evolves and rebels, his teenage children are proving quite the challenge.

Sajit still has his ‘tickle-tackle’ and refuses to take his parka off. Saleem is meant to be studying engineering but is in fact drawing nude women as part of a Foundation Art course. And Abdul and Tariq are doing everything they can to avoid marrying the wealthy Mr Shah’s… hefty… daughters.

Amidst chain-smoking and rounds of tea, George’s English wife Ella tries to keep the peace between the man she loves and the children who are desperately trying to find their own way in a rapidly changing world. Will Sajit ever come out of the coal shed? Can curry powder really hide the smell of contraband bacon? And what has really happened to George and Ella’s eldest son, Nazir?

This modern comedy classic shares the joy, chaos and love of family life.


Nottingham Playhouse

Wellington Circus
0115 9419419

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