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Welcome to DARKFIELD. We hope you enjoy your stay.

35 minutes (no interval)
Wednesday 22 September – Sunday 3 October*
Tuesday 19 – Sunday 31 October*
1-4pm & 6-8pm
*Closed Mondays 27 September & 25 October
Suitable for ages 14+

At check-in we will issue you a key card and allocate you a chaperone to guide you to the other side of the dream. Follow the right path and don't volunteer to become the subject of the eulogy every guest is preparing to deliver.

EULOGY is a communal experience lasting 30-minutes, using binaural sound and speech recognition technology to immerse each audience member into a dreamlike, labyrinthine hotel that is imagined in the darkness. Audience members are transported through rooms and down corridors, into a car park, a canteen and a lift which transports them between floors, taking them deeper into the dream. EULOGY is both an intense and exhilarating ride and a deeper exploration of the relative merits of an embodied human conscious experience versus one that only exists in the imagination.

DARKFIELD create innovative work at the forefront of technology and theatre. Their work tours internationally and so far has reached over 250,000 audience members worldwide.

Lakeside Arts

University Park
0115 846 7777

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