First Rain - Warli Paintings

At Harley Gallery


The display of tribal ‘Warli’ art revisits the work of artist Ramesh Hengadi, 10 years on since his first residency at Harley in 2007.

Curated by A Fine Line as part of a collaborative project, 'First Rain' explores Hengadi’s work at Welbeck which documents his experience of the estate and England in the Warli signature style of white line on a dung and mud background. Warli art was traditionally practised by women, predominantly from the Thane region north of Mumbai, India, as part of seasonal rituals.

After the government intervened in the 1970s the practice moved off walls and on to cotton and paper and is now mainly undertaken by men to generate an income. With more prominence in the last decade, the challenge has been to maintain the creative integrity of Warli artists by establishing a serious market for this artform, capable of generating sustainable incomes. 

The Harley Gallery

S80 3LW
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