Getting Critical with Your Writing: How to Self-Edit Your Manuscript

At Nottingham Writers Studio


The first draft is done, and what an accomplishment! But where do you go next?

In this course you will be taught how to break down elements to help you self edit your manuscript, looking at it from a constructively critical viewpoint. You'll learn how to check for plot gaps, pacing, how to analyse natural dialogue, and the course will also talk about character dynamics. Bring a section of your work to play with over the course of the two days so you can put your self-editing into motion. Get in the moment feedback and see where you can add extra spit and polish to your manuscript to really make it shine.

In this course, you’ll develop the tools to self edit a current piece of work as well as any future works. You’ll get to know your own author bugbears and see how to tweak them. And you’ll have handouts to remind you what to look for the next time you head into the process.

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