Grief Gatherings By Fevered Sleep

At Dance4


This Grief Thing by Fevered Sleep invites people to think, talk and learn about grief and encourage conversation around this. It’s for people who have or haven’t experienced grief. Regardless of our own experience or lack of experience with grief, many people find it almost impossible to talk about.The project is coming to Nottingham as part of a national tour and will take place in a city centre shop unit (venue to be confirmed).

As part of this project, Fevered Sleep open a shop hosted by Artistic Directors Sam Butler and David Harradine, welcoming anyone who would like to connect. Sam and David will also host small group conversations about grief called Grief Gatherings, using the items in the shop to help start discussions. Grief Gatherings, are open to anyone who would like to book a space. You could attend with friend or family members, with colleagues or on your own.

This will be the first of three Grief Gatherings to be held in the shop during their residency in Nottingham. The others will be held Friday 15 March and Friday 22 March.

Fevered Sleep also encourage people to host thier own ‘Grief Gatherings.’ These gatherings might be at home, at work, in a cafe or down the pub. Each host will be given a box that contains items from the shop, some thoughts about grief, and suggestions on how to facilitate a conversation about it. If you’re interested in hosting your own ‘Grief Gathering’ please contact Louisa or visit the shop for more information.

The shop  will be open throughout the day selling clothing, badges, bags and cards which show alternate slogans to those normally found on sympathy cards such as ‘Make Space For Grief,’ ‘Grief Is Like The Weather‘ or ‘Grief = Love,’ helping start conversations about grief.

Grief Gatherings in the shop are FREE to attend but a ticket must be reserved by contacting Louisa.


2 Dakeyne Street

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