How to Get Published Without an Agent

At Nottingham Writers Studio


oin Shreya Sen-Handley author of the award-winning memoir, Memoirs of My Body in a 2-hour session at the Nottingham Writers’ Studio where she will reveal how she built her writing career without an agent.

A question often asked by writers, Shreya will shed light on everything from the process of finding the right publisher, including guidance on how to approach them and how to best present your work, to tips on how to negotiate a fair deal. She’ll also reveal how she built up a network of publishers that were always happy to hear from her, whether in the world of opera, media or top book publishers and more.

You will…
You will gain both the practical insight and emotional resilience needed to “go it alone” (with added help and support from your peers and Shreya).

About Shreya
Former television producer and journalist, Shreya Sen-Handley is kept busy by her children, human and canine, her creative writing workshops for a range of organisations including the University of Nottingham and Cambridge, her regular appearances on BBC and Notts TV, her occasional forays into illustrating, her articles for the international media including the National Geographic and The Guardian, and the fallout from her award-winning memoir, “Memoirs of My Body”, published by HarperCollins in 2017. Shreya is currently writing a libretto for the Welsh National Opera, a book of short stories and a travelogue for HarperCollins.

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