How to Write Kickass Sales Copy

At Nottingham Writers Studio


Many bestselling authors and poets started out as copywriters including Allen Ginsberg, Dorothy L. Sayers, and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

These writers’ storytelling techniques were part of the success of their fiction, poetry, and copy.

Copywriting can:

Teach you better control of language
Help you get over your fear of selling
Tighten your prose and poetry
Help you finish things faster
Want to replicate famous authors’ copywriting success but worried you couldn’t sell magic to a wizard?

Join author and copywriter Kristina Adams for this course, where you’ll learn:

How to use your fiction and poetry writing skills to create better copy
How to form an emotional connection with your reader (and why you need to)
Copywriting formulas like AIDA and PAS
How to choose the most appropriate (and interesting) voice and tone
How to write effective calls to action
The psychology of copywriting
Why the ingredients of all great writing are the same
About Kristina
Kristina Adams is an author, poet, blogger, and copywriter. She designed the new email structure for Nottingham Writers’ Studio, which helped to increase email open rates and course attendance.

Her blog, The Writer’s Cookbook, helps 30,000 writers every month with every step of their writing journey.

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