Hula Hooping Course for Beginners

At Hyson Green Community Centre


This six-week course will take you from the very basics of beginners' hula hooping. NO EXPERIENCE is necessary to join this course! Emma is an experienced teacher who has been hula hooping for 7 years and has been to many hula hooping lessons and workshops from teachers such as: Emma Kenna, Hoopalicious, Steve Bags, Kay Dent, Hannah Carter and Iris West. She aims to create a fun, friendly and inclusive atmosphere where students feel supported to try new things.   On the course you will learn how to spin the hoop at your waist, how to keep the hoop going round and how to 'save the hoop' if it starts to drop down. Later on you will learn how to move and dance with the hoop, moving your arms, feet, turning and walking with the hoop as well as learning some fancy circus tricks and flourishes to impress your friends at barbecues and festivals this summer! You will even learn short routines that put together all the moves you have learned.   Hula hooping is a great fitness activity which tones abs, sculpts arms, thighs and buttocks and helps to keep you supple. It's a great vehicle for self expression through dance. It can help improve your confidence by mastering new skills, improving health, fitness and wellbeing and meeting some lovely new people!   The course costs £45.00 for the six weeks. To book yourself a place on the course please email: emmapetkovic@gmail.com   Course dates: Tuesdays 8-9pm

First class: 07/02/2017
Second class: 14/02/2017
Third class: 21/02/2017
Fourth class: 28/02/2017
Fifth class: 07/03/2017
Last class: 14/03/2017
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Hyson Green Community Centre

37a Gregory Boulevard
Hyson Green
0115 915 0132

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