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IYA presents BBC Introducing / eNGine Room launch

At Metronome


The exciting launch event for the new record & talent development label in Nottingham, bought to you by Inspire Youth Arts.  Expect to see a range of talented artists signed to the label,  plus special guests.

Partner and host for the evening is BBC Introducing in the East Midlands’s Dean Jackson, an advocate for under the best undiscovered local music.

The line-up for the evening includes:
Jack Chapman, whose debut single ‘Paper Planes’ is released at the end of May, with a second release planned for the end of June. Alongside Jack are emerging talents Sam Barker and Margarita, both of whom appeared at Metronome in 2019, plus Sam Adams and Stan Buckroyd, who have previously appeared at Hockley Hustle.

All the eNGine Room artists are recording with some top producers over the next few months, so look out for some exciting new releases.

The line-up is completed by guest artist Betsey from the First Light label, plus the talented urban music ensemble from CRS, who are also releasing a collaboration on eNGine Room this summer.


Marco Island
Huntingdon Street
07990 075 177

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