Jeremy Thomas Career Overview + Sexy Beast (18)

At Broadway Cinema


Part of Shots in the Dark Film Festival 2019


We're proud to welcome the renowned, Oscar-winning film producer Jeremy Thomas to receive the Shots in the Dark - Lifetime Achievement Award. Described as the man behind the country's greatest independent films, Jeremy has produced over 50 features from THE GREAT ROCK 'N ROLL SWINDLE through to THE LAST EMPEROR, MERRY CHRISTMAS MR LAWRENCE, SEXY BEAST, CRASH, YOUNG ADAM, HIGH-RISE and more recently, DOGMAN. Jeremy will discuss over 40 years of filmmaking with Adrian Wootton (Shots founding director and CEO of Film London) and share his memories of working with filmmakers such as Bernardo Bertolucci, David Cronenberg, Jonathan Glazer and Terry Gilliam. The conversation will be illustrated with clips from some of Jeremy's most noted work.


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SEXY BEAST (18) - presented in 35mm

After the plethora of good, bad and just indifferent gangster movies comes this astonishing edgy and original thriller to breathe new life into the genre. Ray Winstone gives arguably his best performance to date as Gary, sexy beast of the title. An ex-villain living in contented retirement in Spain with his wife, Gary finds his peace and quiet abruptly terminated by the arrival of his old partner, Don Logan. Logan (played by Ben Kingsley also giving a frighteningly convincing performance) is a psychopathic criminal who will use any means of violence or intimidation necessary to get Gary to return to England for one last massive heist.

Broadway Cinema

14-18 Broad Street

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