Journalism- Researching, Writing + Pitching

At Nottingham Writers Studio


On this 4-part course, participants will learn how to write hard-hitting news stories, fun features/blogs and even the occasional cheeky press release.

It will give you the skills necessary to track down leads, get great quotes and sell the results (forgive the rhyme).

You will also discover the exciting world of Media Law e.g. How to Avoid Getting Sued and be provided with effective pitching strategies to get editors salivating. Last but not least you will be shown the vast media market place and given top tips to crack it and get your work published.

You will…
Write newspaper ready copy and informative features
Perform interviews
Produce editorial/blog pieces
Be able to write a press release
Learn how to research stories/come up with feature ideas
Gain a basic knowledge of media law (so you won’t get sued)
Effective pitching to editors/business.
About Adam O’Connell
Adam has a BA in Journalism and is NCTJ certified. He has been published in the Independent on Sunday, The Asian Sunday and the Nottingham Evening Post. Additionally, he has written for six poker magazines, a Business-to-Business publication and numerous online websites on virtually every subject in existence. He also has experience in public relations having worked on the launch of ‘Dusk Till Dawn,’ Europe’s largest poker club.

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