MARA, Stereo Skull, Primal Holocaust at The Old Salutation Inn

At The Old Salutation INN


MARA are a modern Metal super group from Latvia/Germany.
Now for the 1st time they've set their sights on the UK.
Founded at the beginning of 2018 the band successfully launched their debut EP 'Therapy For An Empath'. The first leg of their European tour saw them supporting the legendary acts Sepultura and Satyricon.
They've won 2 nominations in the Latvian Metal Music Awards 2018 - 'Best Vocalist' and 'Album Of The Year'.
Mara has been rated #1 for 'Brutal Female Fronted Metal' and has scored in the TOP 6 best EP releases of 2018

Stereo Skull is Cyber/Death/Prog Metal act from Northants. Labeled as 'local legends' these M2TM finalists of the 2016 and 2017 bring you the vibe of Fear Factory, Lamb Of God, Devildriver, Mudvayne, and American Head Charge blended in one.
EP Madness is available on all streaming platforms.

Primal Holocaust
Five-piece Black Metal Band from the sluggish pit of Northamptonshire,
Narrating tales of History, The afterlife and it goes without saying...A creature with Three heads and Twelve breasts accompanied with Dark riffs, shredding strings and pounding Drums.

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The Old Salutation INN

Maid Marian Way

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