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Mulholland Drive + Meshes of the Afternoon

At Broadway Cinema


David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive famously started life as a pilot, rejected by television executives. Frankenstein-ing it into a feature, the result is Lynch’s fever-dream take on Tinseltown. Naomi Watts stars as the ingenue Betty Elms, newly arrived in Hollywood and determined to break into acting. There she meets an enigmatic woman with amnesia, who calls herself Rita (after Hayworth). Together the pair attempt to solve the mystery of Rita’s true identity.

Alongside Mulholland Drive we will also be hosting a rare screening of Maya Deren’s landmark experimental short about a young woman lost in a dream within a dream. Shot in LA almost 60 years apart, both Meshes of the Afternoon and Mulholland Drive depict nightmarish visions of Hollywood, where images repeat themselves and a mysterious key holds a deep significance.

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Broadway Cinema

14-18 Broad Street
0115 952 6611

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