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Nottingham Green Party - Green Gathering - Broadmarsh Development Zoom

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If Stockton-on Tees can turn it's town centre into a park, why can't Nottingham create 'Broadmarsh Park'? This and other environmental initiatives will be discussed by Julie Harrison, Acting Coordinator of Stockton & Hartlepool Green Party, for our Green Gathering on Monday 12th April at 7:30pm.

Julie is a self employed science presenter, and has worked in local government, central government, the private sector and the voluntary sector.

All are welcome!
Meeting ID: 811 3418 3360
Password: rQuGbmj1!

We'll also be joined by local Nottingham member David Nicholson-Cole, who is working on a proposal to the operators of the Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station, UNIPER.

Once the coal-fired plant is decommissioned UNIPER must find a way to continue to provide power through the existing National Grid infrastructure that connects its switchgear and pylons to 2.2 million homes. At the moment, the only practical proposal is for a giant incinerator, but as this will cause 50 years or more of greenhouse gas emissions just as the UK is aiming for carbon zero and the burning of recyclable paper and plastics, an alternative must be found.
David's proposal is designed to maximise the options for renewable energy, using the height and positions of the cooling towers for a high tech wind and solar farming alternative called CLOUD-8, and includes a socially and economically beneficial re-purposing of the interiors of the cooling towers.



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