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Join us and our Nonsuch Young Performer Training programme on the 1st of December for a workshop led by professional writer Conor Hunt.

Ever thought about writing a play and not sure where to start? Have a burning story you want to tell? Then now is your chance! As actors are becoming more multi disciplinary than ever before, we’re seeing more and more performers creating their own work.

Through a practical workshop led by playwright Conor Hunt, you will learn the key techniques to write your own play, focusing on character, dialogue, structure and everything in between.

No writing experience necessary, just a willingness to explore, create and make mistakes! We want to hear your voice and give space for all stories to be told and heard.

This workshop will be delivered remotely on Zoom, for more information please contact [email protected]

About Conor:
Conor Hunt is a Mancunian writer and has been living in London for the last seven years. Much of Conor’s work is rooted in northern communities, and he is passionate about giving regional characters more of a voice both in theatre and on screen.

His recent work include the 5* Who Cares, Kings of Idle Land and The F Word. He has also written for BBC Writersroom & BBC1xtra and short film Toast.

Conor also works in Creative Learning, most recently for The Jamie Lloyd Company and ATG on the Playhouse Season. Conor has a keen interest in breaking down barriers in accessing theatre, and who feels like they can occupy theatre spaces.



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