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Portable Antiquities Scheme

At Lakeside Arts Centre


The Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) is a DCMS-funded project to encourage the voluntary recording of archaeological objects found by members of the public in England and Wales. Every year many thousands of objects are discovered, many of these by metal-detector users, but also by people whilst out walking, gardening or going about their daily work.

The scheme's database holds records of more than 1.1 million artefacts and coins found by the public. Records are accessible to the public at These records are a hugely important resource for researchers and are helping to fill gaps in our knowledge of the past.

The local representative of the PAS is Alastair Willis, the Finds Liaison Officer for Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. He can help identify your objects and is keen to record objects you have found that are over 300 years old.

Alastair will be working at The University of Nottingham Museum on the third Tuesday of each month between 11am and 4pm. If you wish to bring in large numbers of objects for him to see, please make an appointment in advance by calling 01332 641 903 or emailing

If you only have single or small numbers of objects feel free to drop in to the Museum between 11am and 4pm.

Lakeside Arts Centre

University Park
0115 846 7777

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