Prototyping on a Budget Workshop (Part 1)

At Broadway Cinema


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This hands-on and practical workshop is split into two parts, participants will attend the ‘Design Ideas to production’ workshop first, this will then lead in to the ‘Prototyping Ideas with a small budget’ workshop.

Delegates will leave the workshops having gained experience in:

  • Design for manufacture
  • Making & testing prototypes
  • Production options
  • Intellectual Property
  • Pitching/Presenting
  • Marketing on a budget
  • Contracts/suppliers & Outsourcing

…all at low cost.

Both workshops will be delivered by Ross Kemp of Asap Watercrafts. Ross is the designer and inventor of Asap electric water crafts, electric powered water crafts for rescue and play. Having gained experience as a Design Engineer at Vax, Ross went on to start his own business back in 2013. Industry experts who will work with you in groups throughout the duration of each workshop.

Design Ideas to Production
4 July

9am – 3pm

This hands-on workshop will cover the process of taking an idea to production level. Drawing on industry experience of bringing products to market, this workshop breaks down the process into manageable chunks, which can be applied to any idea. Aimed at individuals or SMEs, participants will leave knowing the next steps they need to take to progress and add value to their ideas. The stages in this workshop can be applied to any product or service idea, to give a clear plan to reach market production level.

Working in small groups participants will complete mini tasks using an example brief. During this intensive 6 hours the example idea will progress from a basic idea to a production level concept.

Prototyping Ideas with a small budget
11 July

9am – 3pm

For SMEs and individuals prototyping can be an expensive and time-consuming activity. This hands-on workshop aims to show that prototyping doesn’t have to be either - and can in fact add huge amounts of value to ideas in a short space of time. Following on from ‘Design Ideas to Production’, this workshop explores in depth prototyping techniques, to allow participants to bring their ideas to life.

This intensive workshop will make participants feel more confident to prototype and test their ideas - by giving them key prototyping tools and techniques, to make their ideas on paper come to life quickly, at low cost. Great prototypes can convince people of your idea and instantly make it feel real.

Working in small groups or pairs participants will try out basic prototyping techniques using an example idea throughout the 6 hour workshop. From basic scrap prototyping to foam, card, sectional and 3D printing - participants will learn about various prototyping methods, with examples of each, so they can choose what’s best to progress their ideas.

Complimentary breakfast, lunch, hot & cold drinks will be provided.

Ross Kemp

Ross is the designer and inventor of Asap electric water crafts – electric powered water craft for rescue and play, water crafts are engineered to power through surf, across lakes and rivers for rescuers to reach people in trouble faster.

Ross has come a long way since making the first prototype in a tent in his garden. Now at production level, development of the Asap Rescue has taken Ross on adventures around the world.

From testing with the Bondi Rescue Lifeguards in Australia with Richard Branson’s help, to interviews with the BBC and CNN, whilst treading water in a cold lake. Ross and the product have made national and international news, on his journey to bringing the product into production.

Ross has tested prototypes with over a hundred lifeguards and lifesavers along the East Coast of Australia with Virgin’s sponsorship, all incredible experiences, which formed the production of products today.


This event is free to attend, but attendees must register in advance. In order to attend this event you must be eligible for support from the Enabling Innovation Programme, which supports SMEs in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

Enabling Innovation is a three-year collaboration between Nottingham Trent University, the University of Nottingham, and the University of Derby to support SMEs in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire to innovate. It is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Broadway Cinema

14-18 Broad Street

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