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Reactor: Here, the Gold Ones flatter

At Bonington Gallery


Bonington Gallery is thrilled to welcome back art collective Reactor for a free video installation Here, the Gold Ones flatter.

It is happening again.
Here, the Gold Ones were.
We've heard that before.
But this time it was flatter.

So, as we were saying.
It’s an original story.
No, this is an origin story.
Everyone already knows this.

Everywhen, here and there.
This is what we always said.
Mis-shaped and not in proportion.
As though seen for the first time.

This is an explainer: Following on from Reactor’s residency in 2021, they return with a new video installation that describes what came before. Digital animation, mobile sculpture and choreographed performance combine to please the ears and eyes. Gather round for the reveal, succumb to each and every tall tale told, even when this belief is unfounded.

Bonington Gallery

Nottingham Trent University, School of Art & Design
Bonington building
Dryden Street
0115 848 8268

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