Rob Kemp: [Insert Edinburgh Fringe 2020 show title]

At Lord Roberts


Hey guys, it's November, and I definitely have a new thing cooking, and it might just be decent at this stage, but there's a possibility it won't be. It's hard to say. I have long fancied doing some live greenscreen, or something like Brewster's Millions, but conception of an idea is one thing, whereas execution, and the long road of dragging it to full completion is something else entirely. I AM a trier though, you better believe I'm a trier, and I will be stretching every fibre of my being to have something new, weird, exciting and interesting for you to look at, and judge.
I don't fancy my chances though.

A full narrative? With nuance? In November? You're having a laugh, mate.


Don't take that as a reason not to attend!
In the event that I have failed you, I will do something regardless!
In all likelihood it would be Moonraker 2: Moonrakerer, which was a multimedia show about how I don't remember my dreams, but do have stupid ideas in that ten minutes after I snooze my alarm before I wake (There was a song about penises in it, and more stuff involving footballer Graeme Souness than anyone would reasonably expect for a show in 2019).

Ok, that's the hard sell done.
See you there!

The Lord Roberts

24 Broad Street
0115 948 1592

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