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Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox

At Rock City


Please note this show is being rescheduled from 17th September 2020 to 11th September 2021. Original tickets remain valid.

Following last year’s sell out Royal Festival Hall appearance, Postmodern Jukebox’s unique, musical universe comes back to the UK with an ever-evolving, revolving collective of performers playing popular music in period styles

Performing a quirky repertoire of all-time favourites, from Britpop anthems to eternal hits, Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox bends time by reworking modern hits into vintage genres, especially early 20th century forms such as swing and jazz.

“Last time around the Twenties gave us Jazz, America’s one true art form. Who knows what is possible in the 2020s?” says Bradlee. “One thing that is for sure is that there are a lot of folks that are tired of the clickbait headlines, mindless reality TV, and smartphone addiction that has only served to divide people in the last decade. We’re using our small corner of the pop culture space to tell people to forget their troubles, and come join us for a night of celebrating true musical talent and timeless style – live and in real life.”

Started by Bradlee in 2009, Postmodern Jukebox puts out a new video on YouTube each week to their 4.3 million subscribers, most of which are filmed casually in Bradlee’s living room. With over 1.3 billion YouTube views and more than 2.4 million Facebook fans, the band has covered songs by artists ranging from Lady Gaga to the White Stripes. Since their beginnings as a small group of friends making music in a basement in Queens, New York, Postmodern Jukebox has gone on to feature 70 different performers and tour six continents.

Rock City

8 Talbot Street
0115 822 1313

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