Story Telling Club Part 2

At Nottingham Womens Centre


We're delighted to confirm that the popular Story Telling Club is back!
The storytelling club is an opportunity for women who attend Nottingham Women’s Centre to get together and learn research skills that will enable their voices and experiences to be heard and understood. We will be sharing our stories!

The Storytelling Club will run as 4 blocks of 4 week courses. In each part we will have fun along the way, learning about:
1) How stories begin;
2) How information is collected;
3) How we can write about our stories;
4) How we can share these stories to influence change, feeling valued and heard.
NB: Women are not required to attend all sessions to be a part of the storytelling club so please do not let this put you off joining in our journey of storytelling!

In part two of storytelling we will recap on the role of memory work and experience in telling stories: we would like to welcome new women to attend the group and we will provide all the background needed to take part. We will be sharing our story from the first club and asking women to reflect upon their own experiences: What similarities can they identify in their own story, what differences exist from their experiences and what hasn’t been said.
Course Materials
All participants in storytelling club will be provided a free choice of diary and pen/pencil to help their storytelling.

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Nottingham Womens Centre

30 Chaucer Street
0115 941 1475

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