Structure a Basic Plot in 30 Minutes

At Nottingham Writers Studio


Join children’s writer, Gareth Baker as he aims to show you how you can build a plot in as little as 30-minutes!
Everything needs structure to hold it together and that includes a story, whether it’s a short story, novella, or a trilogy with a story arc.

In this 2-hour workshop aimed at beginners, Gareth Baker will show you a technique devised by author and poet, Pie Corbet that will help you to understand how story parts are put together and enable you to build your own skeleton, knowing that it will function properly before adding on the flesh of your story.

Throughout this 2-hour workshop, you will:

  • Understand why a plot structure is important
  • Learn, use and apply a technique to devise a simple structure
  • Work as a group to create a plot from the technique
  • Have time to create your own with guidance and support from Gareth

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