Study Sessions: Sonic Bauhaus - (Ch)Art Schools

At Nottingham Contemporary


(Ch)Art Schools: from Itten to Eno
Led by Simon Strange
The Study Sessions are informal discussion groups. Our season Sonic Bauhaus is a series of study-as-listening-sessions exploring critical pedagogies of twentieth-century art schools and how these influenced developments in sound and systems of music creation.

This session will explore connections between the pedagogy of the Bauhaus and the creation of music in the post punk and new wave genres. Supported by a viewing of artworks by Itten, Moholy-Nagy, Klee, and Kandinsky, an introductory talk will explore how the styles and practices undertaken at the Bauhaus connect to popular music in the 1970s. The presentation will be followed by a listening session including tracks that underscore those connections. Source material includes interviews with Brian Eno, Stephen Mallinder, Gavin Bryars, and Roy Ascott, among others.

Through an introductory talk, music samples and discussion, this study session seeks to explore how the modernist aesthetic within art education transferred to pop within post punk and new wave.

Join one session or all.

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Nottingham Contemporary

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