Tangorra - Argentine Tango

At St Johns Church


"Always inspired by the story of our grandpa Don Carlos Borra, il nonno, an immigrant musician who feverishly played his piano and accordion at a silent film cinema in a small town in Santa Fe, Argentina; Tangorra occurs between stories of luthiers, taverns and exotic journeys..."

Coming from Argentina, Tangorra are a leading contemporary expression of the Argentine Tango that in its infancy outraged the church in Argentina and led to it's banning. Powerful, passionate, and unique - they will move you.

They are led by Mikele Borra in bandoneon, Laura Vigoya Arango in vocals, Cecilia Giles in violin, Fran Borra in bass guitar and samples, Agustín López in electric guitar and Christian Perigo in piano.

They have slotted us in on their European tour, recognising the growing contemporary tango scene in the East Midlands that is taking tango dance in new and exciting directions.

Band on stage after 8.30


St Johns Church

Church Drive

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