"You know, the history of medicine is mostly just the history of the placebo since we know now almost none of it worked."

A clinical trial is under way for a new anti-depressant. For psychiatrist Dr James and pharmacologist Dr Sealey, this is a rigorous scientific exercise in monitoring brain activity and behaviour. For the volunteers taking the drug, it’s easy cash in exchange for a few weeks away from the outside world.

But the routines and results of the trial are soon thrown into jeopardy when two of the participants - psychology student Connie and jack-the-lad Tristan - begin to fall for each other. Their innocent flirting escalates into an intense passion, complete with physical, mental and emotional symptoms which nobody expected.

Lucy Prebble’s thoughtful and moving clinical drama blends psychology with humour and romance. What is causing the effect? Is it a natural attraction between two young lovers? Is it the drug shaping their moods and feelings? Or just a placebo effect?

This amateur production of "The Effect" is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH LTD.

Contains strong language, nudity and smoking

Lace Market Theatre

Halifax Place
0115 950 7201

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