This Grief Thing

At Sneinton Market Avenues


At a time when many people find death and grief almost impossible to talk about, This Grief Thing aims to open up conversations about grief and make it visible. 

Over the next year, Fevered Sleep is taking over a series of empty shops around the UK and presenting them as places where people can come to talk or buy clothing and objects or attend a Grief Gathering to talk about grief.

Our shop will be in Nottingham from 13-24 March 2019, at Unit 8, Avenue A, Sneinton Market, Nottingham, NG1 1DT

Hosted by Fevered Sleep’s artistic directors Sam Butler and David Harradine, each temporary shop offers specially designed clothing, badges, bags and condolence cards at a pay what you want price, that can help conversations about grief to start. 

Grief Gatherings 
We'll also be hosting three small group conversations about grief on:

Friday 15 March: 6.30-8pm
Monday 18 March: 12:30-2pm
Friday 22 March: 10-11.30am

Booking required, for more information or to sign up email: [email protected] or Tel: 020 3815 6430/ 07493750427

Sneinton Market Avenues

Avenues A-C
Sneinton Market
0115 7100107

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