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Through the Forest of Denial - Ali Lotz

At Four/Four Collective


Through the Forest of Denial - Ali Lotz
Exhibition Opening 23rd September, 6pm onwards.
Continues Fridays & Saturdays 12-6pm and by appointment until 23rd October.


Along the turnpike, miles away from an exit in either direction, there is forest on both sides with no conceivable entrance point. These are the woods that ‘Through the Forest of Denial’ takes place within. Mysterious, inaccessible and right there beside us. Showing a mixture of work mined from pop and underground culture, the installation is an exercise in connective research and genre bending aesthetics.

Led by the film ‘We Are Who We Are’ the artist explores the impossibility of living the American dream, the disillusionment of being on the road while burdened by unemployment and debt, and the ecstasy of the unburdened life of a monster.

Building on this, the rest of the work emerges from the process of unburdening the mind. Fandom and obsession allowed to run rampant, the works give space to pop cultural figures, zoning in on small moments from films, music videos, and paparazzi photos, or memories from dreams. The resulting installation brings the images and aesthetics of contemporary pop culture into the canon of Americana regardless of the cultural origins of the source material.

b. 1994, Butler, PA, USA; Ali Lotz is an interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. This is her first solo show in the UK.


'Through the Forest of Denial' will open alongside shows by Beam Editions, Primary & TG.


Four/Four Collective

33 Seely Road

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