Thursday Jazz Jam

At Peggy's Skylight


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We are very pleased to announce that Peggy's Jazz Jam will now be regularly hosted by the Andrew Wood Trio on the fourth Thursday of every month for free. Professional and amateur musicians alike are invited to sit in with the house band to explore jazz repertoire in front of a listening audience. The jam session has continued to be a great success since the move to Peggy's Skylight in August 2018, both for audiences as a place to hear a wide variety of local/regional/national performers in an informal setting and for musicians as an organic platform to develop as artists.

For those interested in performing, please register interest to play/sing with the group on arrival (sign-up sheet at the bar) and we will do our best to ensure this is possible. During busy sessions a performance slot can't always be guaranteed.

Peggy's Skylight

3 George Street

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