Starring BAFTA award-winning actress, Vicky McClure (This is England, Line of Duty and Broadchurch).

“The world’s changing. It’s not going to go back to the way it was.”

Stephen Lowe’s Touched is a powerful and poignant World War II drama set during the 100 days between VE and VJ Day, and centred on the lives of a family of working-class Nottingham women.

The promise of a brave new world has arrived with peace in Europe and the election of the first ever Labour government. But the fighting is not yet over. With her husband away at war and having lost her son in a tragic car accident during the blackout, Sandra is torn apart by grief. Meanwhile, her sisters – the brash Joan and naïve Betty – are brimming with hope for the future and the possibilities of new lives ahead for all of them.

Directed by Matt Aston (Diary of a Football Nobody), Touched is a modern classic, celebrating the 40th anniversary of its premiere at Nottingham Playhouse.

“A compelling atmosphere of a female world caught in limbo.”
Dominic Cavendish, The Telegraph (review of 2008 Salisbury Playhouse revival)

Nottingham Playhouse

Wellington Circus
0115 9419419

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