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WANDA (15)

At Broadway Cinema


DIRECTED BY: Barbara Loden
CAST: Barbara Loden, Michael Higgins
YEAR: 1970

A portrait of an apathetic young woman (played by Barbara Loden), the daughter of a coal miner, who, after relinquishing her rights to her children and granting her husband a divorce, inadvertently attaches herself to a petty crook.

Wanda is the only feature directed by Barbara Loden, who also wrote and starred in the film. After sending her script to several potential directors, Loden felt none of them understood the character, so rounded up some investment and decided to direct it herself. On its release in 1971, the film never received proper distribution, screening only briefly in New York and at a few American universities. It remained largely out of circulation until the original prints were found and restored in 2010.
Part of our Women & New Hollywood season

Broadway Cinema

14-18 Broad Street
0115 952 6611

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