Wednesday Walkthrough: Bauhaus for Non-Humans

At Nottingham Contemporary


What are humans looking at when they look at animals?

During this walkthrough, Filipa Ramos will look at László Moholy-Nagy’s film, The New Architecture of the London Zoo (1936), and the artist’s activity in the UK. This talk will reflect about the history of documenting and exhibiting live animals and the role that modern architecture and cinema played in it.

The belief in the role played by modern architecture and design in the emancipation of society entailed the care for animal life. Such was the case of the renovation of the London Zoo, documented by László Moholy-Nagy in the film The New Architecture of the London Zoo (1936). The film offers a striking example of how the histories of architecture, art, film and exhibitions evolved hand-in-hand during the first half of the twentieth century.

Free. Drop in.

Gallery seating and hearing loops available.

Nottingham Contemporary

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