Whale Wails and Waves, Olivier Marc Thomas Leger.

At Harley Gallery


An exhibition of surreal imaginative drawings exploring ecology, biology and nature. 

"This planet is home to a wonderful variety of living organisms that are each individual in their biology and behaviour. They form large webs of connections amongst one another in ecosystems that are vast and complex. From whale migrations that encompass the entire globe, to ants that scurry along the forest floor. We are all witness to the beauty of life on Earth. Earth, the tiny little planet that we inhabit somewhere in the unfathomable depths of the universe."

The drawings are made using fine liner pens (0.03 – 0.8mm). The animals are imagined as living planets or landmasses,  with their own landscapes and ecosystems.

The Harley Gallery

S80 3LW
01909 501700

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