Why Britain MUST pay reparations for slavery

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Britian has never made a formal apology for its MASSIVE role in the enslavement of Afrikan people. Britian played a pivotal role in the enslavement of Afrikan people from 1555 when Queen Elizabeth I bankrolled John Hawkins to go to Afrika to capture enslaved Afrikans until 1839 when the British Empire as it was known then abolished enslavement from its various colonies.

As the historian David Olushola confirmed in a recent BBC 2 documentary/ presentation the vast ill gotten wealth that was made from the blood , sweat and tears of Afrikan people as a result of Britain's nefarious role in the buying and selling of Afrikan people like cattle was used to the create the weatlh that spearheaded the so-called Industrial Revolution and which today makes Britian the 5th richest country in the world.

Reparations is about reparatory justice, restitution and restoration as well as fiinancial settlement and my reasoning will be based on the dictionary definitiom of reparations adding an Afrikan dynamic to that definition but more importantly citing the Jewsih reparations for the Holocaust and how the British State paid compensation / reparations to over 40, 000 Btitish Slave owners to the tune in todays value of roughly 18 Billion Pounds Sterling for 'loss of earnings'

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