Words For Wellbeing

At Nottingham Writers Studio


This is the next series of our very popular ‘Words For Wellbeing’ course.

These courses are very popular and usually sell out well in advance. This course will run on Wednesday mornings from 10am to 1pm, beginning on June 6th. Please note the course will NOT take place on June 20th due to another booking in the space.


Words for wellbeing
‘They can be like the sun, words. They can do for the heart what light can do for a field.’ Juan de la Cruz
The sun symbolises growth, self-love and creativity. Taking inspiration from the season, this six-week sequence of workshops provides a supportive, creative space for those who enjoy words to pause, take a breath and invest time in self-discovery. Using a range of literature, including poems, stories and lyrics as springboards, we will explore universal themes in a creative context. A combination of reading, group discussion and expressive/creative writing will be used to promote growth and wellbeing.
The therapeutic benefits of both reading and writing are becoming increasingly recognised. These sessions will provide the tools for making new connections and discoveries, nurture creativity and build self-understanding and confidence.
Participants will have the opportunity to experience a variety of writing techniques, many of which can be used in a personal journal. Here, the focus will be on the expression of the writer’s thoughts and feelings as a means of achieving greater self-awareness, balance and clarity. A love of words is a wonderful starting point, but participants new to writing will benefit just as much as those with experience.

Samantha Gray started life as a teacher and alongside her work with young people, she is currently training with the National Federation of Biblio/Poetry Therapy to gain credentials in the field of poetry therapy – the interactive use of literature to promote healing.
During a career break to raise her three sons, Sam studied Creative Writing with the Open University and became increasingly involved in therapeutic writing, facilitating workshops in a variety of community and healthcare settings. In 2011, Sam wrote an article about the ways in which writing can support us through the bereavement process (Gray, S, 2011, Routledge).
Sam believes strongly in the potential of journaling for enhancing wellbeing and taught a course, ‘Journaling for Recovery’, at the Recovery College in Nottingham. She ran a group at Nottinghamshire Hospice with bereavement counsellors, using poetry to explore issues around self-care and loss and has been working alongside the Writers’ Studio since January 2017 delivering ‘Words for Wellbeing’ courses.
Sam’s work in this field has been an exploration of the many ways in which creative words can help us to navigate life’s challenges – including loss, change, anxiety, depression and physical illness. It also has celebrated the magical, transformative power of words and the ways in which they can lead us to deeper self-understanding, balance and creativity.
Sam finds comfort, inspiration and clarity in words – and loves working with others as they do the same. She is a member of Lapidus, the Writing for Wellbeing Organisation and a professional member of NAWE.

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