Workshop: Propellor

At Lakeside Arts


Members of Propellor will lead a short walk around the University grounds to collect sounds with participants and then work together to create a miniature that will be performed by participants and ensemble before the Loom performances.

Participants will:

  • Work with clarinettist and composer, Jack McNeill (Director of Propellor) and one or more members of the ensemble, who will share how Propellor came together, what ‘Loom’ is, and how it was made.
  • Go on a short exploratory walk of the University of Nottingham grounds around Lakeside Arts to collect recordings, the sounds of which will become new drum kit samples and sounds for this special Nottingham version of the piece.
  • Record personal interviews and reflections on our collective experience of water which will be used in the final performances.
  • Document their responses by taking photos, making illustrations and making notes of words and ideas conjured up on the walk.
  • Explore possible ways of using the collected materials with acoustic and digital instruments, trying out different techniques to create their own new piece of music, or a visual response to their ideas.
  • Play creative compositional and group devising games. Participants are encouraged to use their own instruments or voice.
  • Participants who wish to respond visually to the ideas behind Loom will have a go at ‘drawing at the speed of sound’ (materials provided), adapting processes used in the production of Loom alongside the musical rehearsal and taking inspiration from images in Loom and gathered on the group walk.
  • The group will be given a melody from the newly composed Nottingham iteration of the work by Jack and incorporate it into their own new piece.
  • The group piece will be recorded so that participants have a record of their work.
  • The newly created group pieces and visual responses will be shared prior to the second Propellor performance at 7.30pm. The new group piece will be orchestrated to allow the participants to perform them alongside members of Propellor.

Please note, participants who perform in the group will need to purchase a ticket to the 7.30pm Propellor performance in order to see the complete show.

Lakeside Arts

University Park
0115 846 7777

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