Writing a Book Series

At Nottingham Writers Studio


Readers love book series. They can collect the books, get to know the characters and their world(s), join a fan base and more, but a common criticism of book sagas is that they sag in the middle or the last one fails to meet our expectations as readers. And there are some very good reasons why this happens.

In this 2-hour workshop, explore the dos and don’ts of writing a book series including how to plan ahead, avoiding common pitfalls of writing a book series and how to manage your creative data.

The workshop will use slideshows, discussion, pairwork and hands-on practice.

Participants are welcome to work on their own material, but there will practice examples for those new to writing a series.

You will…
Recognise the different types of book series
Learn how to plot a series
Build awareness of narrative arcs, character arcs, and themes
Learn how to manage the potential pitfalls around back story, world-building, character overload, reveals and resolutions.
Gain tools for achieving consistency and continuity.
About Ian
Ian Douglas writes science fiction and dark fantasy for adults and children. He is best known for the Zeke Hailey series of books, the adventures of a teenager studying psychic skills at a school on Mars. His credits include novels, short stories, children’s non-fiction, newspaper and magazine articles. He runs creative writing workshops on speculative fiction. Ian is a reviewer for Left Lion Magazine and a regular guest on Notts TV. Ian graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a MA in Creative Writing (Distinction). Ian taught English is East Asia for over a decade and now lives in Nottingham with his family.

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