Writing Alternate History

At Nottingham Writers Studio


One of science fiction's most fascinating subgenres, alternate history explores what might have been had history played out in a slightly different way and the ripple effects that could spring from the smallest of changes in a timeline. Often enjoyed by fans of historical fiction and science fiction, this workshop will explore how to write great alternate history stories, examine some of the best examples in the field and look at what enables it to retain such enduring popularity.

You will...
Explore some of the best-known examples of alternative history stories and novels
Look into different writing techniques involved in the subgenre
Develop your own ideas and concepts for alternate history stories and look at why the field remains popular

About Alex
Alex Davis is a writer, lecturer, tutor and events organiser based in Derby. As a tutor, he has run over 30 courses and a wide range of individual writing workshops around the East Midlands, as well as a spell as Associate Lecturer at the University of Derby. As an event organiser, he coordinates the annual genre fiction festivals Edge-Lit and Sledge-Lit in his capacity as Literature Officer for Derby's QUAD venue. He also copy-edits and proofreads for a range of mainstream and independent presses.

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