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LeftLion Magazine #19

1 October 07

Featuring The Coral, Looch The Mindreader, Athlete, Justin Moorhouse, Nottingham Rugby FC, Matt Haig, Miles Hunt, Control, Moot Gallery, Students and more.

LeftLion Magazine - Issue 19

October - November 2007
8000 copies distributed in the city of Nottingham

May Contain Notts
Nottingham's 'Mr Sex' gets vex

University Challenge
Students: blessing or curse?

A Canadian In New Basford
Rob moves into a flat in the Lace Market

OK Coral
Liverpool rockers The Coral came to town

You Don't Get  Me, I'm Part Of The Union
A few beers with Nottingham RFC

Meet the mysterious Mr Looch...

Justin Time
Young Kenny from Phoenix Nights sounds off

Wax Off
Vinyl [Abort] played for us this month...

We Are Family did Nuclear Family.

Athlete's Foot
Athlete played Rock Citeh this month

Good Stuff
LL Columnist Miles Hunt - interviewed

Team Hughes
Your LL Unplugged band for October

Alas Poor Dad, I Knew Him Well
Author Matt Haig chats about his new book

A Moot Point
Nottingham's hidden gallery revealed

Video Onlion
Our new video section

Out Of Control 
Joy Division come to Nottingham

Seven Seminal Nottingham films
Classic NottsFlicks

It's Dance, But Nott As We Know It
The good people at Dance4 unveil nottdance

Beware The Snide Vodka
Words of wisdom from a man who likes to travel

Rocky Horrorscopes
With Notts Trumps and the Arthole

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