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Waterfront Festival

LeftLion Magazine #31

1 October 09

Featuring Mat Horne, Bent, GameCity, Nottingham Contemporary and our guide to Independent Nottingham...

May Contain Notts
The news diary that answers the question ‘How many roads must a man walk down before they can call him a man?’ by saying ‘One, if it’s Mansfield Road at 2am on a Saturday morning’

Feast your eyes upon a buffet of Nottinghamia

A Canadian in New Basford
Our Rob gets stuck into the Nottingham Beer Festival and finally gets a mouthful of faggot

Horne On Hand
Local lad Mat Horne takes a break from being on pretty much every TV programme in the UK for a natter with us

Get Bent!
Notts’ most prolific beat-making boffins are back

Get ready for GameCity Squared

Independent Nottingham
Your guide to musos, writers, artists and actors who are doing it theirsen – and how you could join them:

Piccie Centre
Nottingham Contemporary is nearly here, so we nipped in and had a word with Director Alex Farquarson

David Hockney
Your free pull-out poster of his most popular painting (not available online - sorry).

Artist Profiles
Benjamin Cohen, Edward Sellman, Luke Stones and Bobby Goulding

Hockley Hustle
Everyone’s favourite charity music festival is back

Nottingham Event Listings
Everything you need to know about where you need to go this bi-month

Canning Circus Extravaganza
LeftLion’s free music and arts festival - coming very soon

Write Lion
The cream of the LeftLion writing forum, plus local book reviews a-plenty

Alright The Captain!, Bent, Dead Spex, The Greatest Wolf, Rebel Soul Collective, The Kull, Lovvers, and more

Rocky Horrorscopes
With The Arthole, LeftLion Abroad and Notts Trumps

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